Quinceañeras. Photo Sessions.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Here are three Quinceañeras of this month - Daisy, Damariz and Cassandra - during photography sessions (Downtown L.A.,San Pedro,Corona del Mar) I did with them some weeks before their Sweet Fifteen's celebration. I very recommend to my clients to do this kind of shooting before the event, because it lets us know better each other, I can understand better how they feel in front of my camera, which pose is better or worse for them, etc. It helps a lot, and when we meet in the event's day they feel very comfortable with me, and it lets me work easier and do my best shots.
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Sweet Sixteen at the Palacio Torres.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

I've met Kimberly's family two years ago when I photographed the wedding of Reyna and Byron in Los Angeles. Kimberly lives in Las Vegas but she came to celebrate her Sweet Sixteen here in California because the most part of her family lives here. They chose beautiful and elegant Palacio Torres for this special event. I'm really happy to meet this family and enjoyed to photograph Kimberly. She is so sweet girl! I want to show you some images of this day in an album design.